In terms of our exploration assets, Fireing are developing a proven discovery of Lithium & Coltan, where initial reconnaissance stage exploration was carried out at the Atex project between 1953 and 1966. This work focused on geological mapping of the area with minor trenching, pitting and sampling that identified Lithium and Columbite-Tantalite mineralisation associated with the pegmatites.

In August 2023 we announced that we had signed an option deed to acquire up to 28.33% of Limeco Resources Limited the owner of a Limestone project located 22km west of Lusaka in Zambia, which will enable Firering to become a cash generating mineral exploration and development company.

Between 2006 and 2018, regional geophysical surveys were completed covering the project area targeting gold mineralisation. Firering has obtained access to the survey data and is in the process of completing the interpretation of the data.

From 2019, Atex Mining Resources conducted geological mapping and sampling of the pegmatites to assess their potential to host significant lithium mineralisation. The Group currently has two subsidiaries which hold exploration permits:

In addition, the Company has a wholly owned subsidiary, FH Coltan CI-II, which is not operational but acts as an intermediate holding company for Bri Coltan. Furthermore, the Company has entered into a binding contract to acquire up to an 80% interest in Alliance, a company which has made an application for an exploration permit in respect of lands adjacent to those covered by Atex’s exploration permit.

Firering’s principal asset is a 90% interest in the Atex Lithium-Coltan Project (PR-777), located in the North of Côte d’Ivoire. Firering also has a 51% interest in Alliance Minerals Corporation, which has applied for an exploration licence adjacent to the Atex Project (0094DMICM17).

Small Mining Permits
In addition, the Company owns two small scale mining permits Louria and Zerbokro (AESI 29 and 30), located in the Haut-Sassandra Region of the Sassandra-Marahoué District of Côte d’Ivoire through its effective 75% interest in Bri Coltan, which holds the projects. 

Portfolio Expansion
Firering has further applied for three exploration permits (0065DMICM05/02/2021, 0067DMICM05/02/2021 and 0071DCICM05/02/2021) in the Issia area of Coté d’Ivoire, through its wholly-owned subsidiary FH Coltan CI-II. These exploration permits cover a total area of 1,033.29 km2.

Through FH-Coltan I-II, the Company has also secured an option agreement over the Touvré Nickel-Cobalt Project, which is located in western Côte d’Ivoire.

The company plans to advance the exploration of the Atex Project and its lithium potential while also implementing an extensive columbite-tantalite sampling programme. 

Lithium and Coltan-Tantalite and Niobium

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Limestone-Quicklime Zambia-Limeco

The project comprises of a limestone quarry with an estimated non-JORC compliant mineral resource of more than 73 million tonnes (Source: Golder Associates, October 2017) and a quicklime production facility with the potential to produce between 500 and 600 tonnes of quicklime per day 

Table of Mineral Assets and Applications

Licence Application Holder/Applicant Interest (%) Status Mineral Licence expiry date Licence area (Km2)  Comments
PR 777 Atex Mining Resources 77 Exploration Tantalum, Niobium & Lithium 16/11/2024 134.96 Firering has an option to aquire a further 23% interest. Additional commodities (Au and Sn) will be added.
0094DMICM17 Alliance Minerals Corporation 51 Application Tantalum & Niobium 365.27 Firering has acquired a controlling stake in the project. Application for coltan exploration permit submitted on 15 February 2021. Awaiting approval.
0065DMICM FH Coltan CI-II 100 Application Tantalum & Niobium 388.39 Issia region. Application for coltan exploration permit submitted on 04 February 2021. 
0067DMICM FH Coltan CI-II 100 Application Tantalum & Niobium 324.31 Issia region. Application for coltan exploration permit submitted on 04 February 2021. 
0071DMICM FH Coltan CI-II 100 Application Tantalum & Niobium 320.59 Issia region. Application for coltan exploration permit submitted on 04 February 2021. 
Firering is working closely with The Côte d'Ivoire Ministry of Mines, Petroleum Resources and Energy on our permit application process